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In here you will find some of my programs that I have decided should be public accessible.
If you decide to use them you automatically sign that you and you only are responcible for whatever happends to the computer and/or it's data that theese programs access.
You also automatically sign that you agree not to copy any material for other purposes than using the program.

Available downloads:
Program nameVersion Short descriptionDownload
  • Agent Profile manager
  • An Fort? Agent newsreader enhancement/
  • Rebuild FF Index
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler table maintenance
  • Rebuild FF 2 Index
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table maintenance
  • FlashFiler table viewer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler table viewer/
  • FlashFiler 2 table viewer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table viewer/
  • WallPaper changer
  • A more sofisticated Wallpaper manager for
  • Convert Creator ID
  • Converts a given PalmPilot creator ID to text, decimal and
  • DOS vs. UNIX text file converter
  • Converts text files from DOS format to Unix format and vice
  • FlashFiler 2 table copier
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table
  • Folder and File information
  • Displays information stored in a 'Folder.ffi'
  • Picture mover
  • A helper for comparing images and what to do with
  • FlashFiler 2 Xplorer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 database
  • Trillian Pro Message aliases PlugIn
  • A Trillian Pro Plugin that maintains a list of
  • Contact sheets generator.
  • Image files contact sheet
  • Drop Image manager
  • Manage dropped imagesDropImage.exe

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    Agent Profile manager - An Fort? Agent newsreader enhancement/wrapper.

    Download    Size:451.151 (927.065) bytes    Version:    OS:WinNT, Win98, Win95, Win2000.    Requires:Agent:all.   

    When using Agent, you manually need to maintain ini files, folders and creation of shortcuts, for the data needed for each news server you subscribe to.
    This program helps you to manage theese profiles and finally launch Agent with the selected profile.
    It will help you add, edit, delete and launch news sever profiles.
    The program doesn't care if you have the freeware or shareware version of Agent.
      Notes: Agent Profile manager
    • This program outdates if you use Agent version 2 or above.
    • Users of version prior to should remove registry settings (main screen system menu) or locate "AgentProfiler" in the registry and delete it (see History).
    • Agent or FreeAgent by Fort? Inc (prior to version 2).
    • Simple user interface.
    • Add, edit and delete profiles.
    • Launch agent with selected profile.
    • No installation, just copy the file to whereever you wan't.
    • Remove any registry changes, and end program before deletion.
    • Applies to any version of Agent (prior to version 2).
    • Brings selected profile to front if allready started (Thanks Fort? :-) ).
    • Application Hotkey (default none).
    • Hints with on/off toggle.
    • Associated .INI file editing.
    • Option to close profiler after launch.
      Future plans/Wishlist:
    • Use registry to obtain paths to agent.exe and default agent.ini files.
    • Many more settings to edit, mayby an advanced button ...
    • Creation of shortcuts to profiles.
    • Hold handles to started Agent's so they can be closed when program closes.
    • Deletion of shortcuts to this program in users start folders.
    • - 12. Aug. 2000 - First and final release, added to Download and added to TuCows
    • - 14. Aug. 2000 - Changed some strings, better version information, added memory info to about box, about box was in Danish (sorry).
    • - 17. Aug. 2000 - Application Hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+P), hints, toggle and save hint settings, .ini 'Home' key update bug corrected.
    • - 24. Jan. 2003
      • WARNING! Registry key moved to "\Software\TRA-TANR".
      • Escape key in main screen set to close the application.
      • Hint help moved to a global function, wich shows both primary and secondary hint.
      • Help button enabled on main screen (this removes both minimize and maximize grrrr! ).
      • Agent .INI file editing in global and profile settings.
      • Help on border shows the hint of the selected item in EditProfile and Setup dialogs.
      • Profile name now also displays that it is the folder.
      • Updated Splash screen.
      • Not all calls to registry used global variables.
      • Atom instance for preventing multible instances.
      • Delphi 6.
    • - 08. Dec. 2003
      • Default hotkey set to none.
      • Hotkey editor in setup.
      • Color settings for grid display of whether to close profiler after launch.
      • OMD TT Previnst.
      • OMD TT Splash screen.
      • Posibility to select close of profiler after launch.
      • Some hints were forgotten.
    • - 01. Jan. 2004
      • Added SplashScreen setting.
      • Changed the caption for the "&Launch color" in the setup.
      • Pressing Ctrl key while launching reverses the "Close profiler on launch" setting.
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