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In here you will find some of my programs that I have decided should be public accessible.
If you decide to use them you automatically sign that you and you only are responcible for whatever happends to the computer and/or it's data that theese programs access.
You also automatically sign that you agree not to copy any material for other purposes than using the program.

Available downloads:
Program nameVersion Short descriptionDownload
  • Agent Profile manager
  • An Fort? Agent newsreader enhancement/
  • Rebuild FF Index
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler table maintenance
  • Rebuild FF 2 Index
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table maintenance
  • FlashFiler table viewer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler table viewer/
  • FlashFiler 2 table viewer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table viewer/
  • WallPaper changer
  • A more sofisticated Wallpaper manager for
  • Convert Creator ID
  • Converts a given PalmPilot creator ID to text, decimal and
  • DOS vs. UNIX text file converter
  • Converts text files from DOS format to Unix format and vice
  • FlashFiler 2 table copier
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table
  • Folder and File information
  • Displays information stored in a 'Folder.ffi'
  • Picture mover
  • A helper for comparing images and what to do with
  • FlashFiler 2 Xplorer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 database
  • Trillian Pro Message aliases PlugIn
  • A Trillian Pro Plugin that maintains a list of
  • Contact sheets generator.
  • Image files contact sheet
  • Drop Image manager
  • Manage dropped imagesDropImage.exe

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    FlashFiler 2 table copier - A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table copier.

    Download    Size:449.069 (949.248) bytes    Version:    OS:WinNT, Win98, Win95, Win2000.    Requires:FlashFiler:2.01+.   

    Copies the data from the selected table to another selected table, but only the fields that you have selected.
    When it copies, it tries to add the data to each field using the .AsString property, if that fails, then that field is skipped or an exception is raised based on settings.
    The program uses transactions when it's executed, meaning that if anything went wrong it will roll back to the destination table's previous state, turning off exception handling will of course leave you with a 'corrupted' table.
      Features: FlashFiler 2 table copier
    • Alias selection for both source and destination table.
    • Don't care about the actual table structures.
    • Empties destination table before the copy is started.
    • Next/Prior and/or Tabbed user interface.
    • Transaction execution with rollback.
    • Ignore options for Field and/or Record exceptions.
    • Jumps to apropriate user interface if values are missing.
      Future plans/Wishlist:
    • Protocol selection.
    • Append/Overwrite option.
    • Creation of new table.
    • More warnings, especially on 'Next' button use.
    • Option to rollback if no records were copied.
    • Same as above but also if entire record wasn't copied (exception on all fields).
    • Datatype copy instead of AsString copy.
    • Stream copy on exception and then reraise if exception reoccur.
    • - 20. Jul. 2002 - Added to Download.
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