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In here you will find some of my programs that I have decided should be public accessible.
If you decide to use them you automatically sign that you and you only are responcible for whatever happends to the computer and/or it's data that theese programs access.
You also automatically sign that you agree not to copy any material for other purposes than using the program.

Available downloads:
Program nameVersion Short descriptionDownload
  • Agent Profile manager
  • An Fort? Agent newsreader enhancement/
  • Rebuild FF Index
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler table maintenance
  • Rebuild FF 2 Index
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table maintenance
  • FlashFiler table viewer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler table viewer/
  • FlashFiler 2 table viewer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table viewer/
  • WallPaper changer
  • A more sofisticated Wallpaper manager for
  • Convert Creator ID
  • Converts a given PalmPilot creator ID to text, decimal and
  • DOS vs. UNIX text file converter
  • Converts text files from DOS format to Unix format and vice
  • FlashFiler 2 table copier
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table
  • Folder and File information
  • Displays information stored in a 'Folder.ffi'
  • Picture mover
  • A helper for comparing images and what to do with
  • FlashFiler 2 Xplorer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 database
  • Trillian Pro Message aliases PlugIn
  • A Trillian Pro Plugin that maintains a list of
  • Contact sheets generator.
  • Image files contact sheet
  • Drop Image manager
  • Manage dropped imagesDropImage.exe

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    The size descriped in the download are zippped size (extracted size), the version numbers in the history tells what have been made to that version before deploying them, meaning if the current version is and a change have been made to, then that change only exists in any version higher than .
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    FlashFiler 2 Xplorer - A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 database explorer.

    Download    Size:1.331.964 (3.103.422) bytes    Version:    OS:All    Requires:FF2 server   

    A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 database explorer.
      Notes: FlashFiler 2 Xplorer
    • NOTE! This is NOT a copy of TurboPower's FlashFiler Explorer, it has been under development for some years now (see history)!
    • Flash Filer 2.05 or better servers to connect to.
    • Only Windows decides the limit for open protocols, databases etc. .
    • Protocol, server, database and table selection in tree-view (browser).
    • All tables opens in seperate windows.
    • Info dialog for protocol, server, database and tables.
    • Empty all data.
    • Reindex data.
    • Pack data.
    • No installation, just save as and execute.
    • FastReport reports.
      • Database and/or tables structures.
      • Table content.
    • All reports are external FastReport files.
    • All kinds of report export filters.
    • - Features available in table mode -.
    • Recordcount in popup menu.
    • Prior record/field duplication ([Ctrl+D], [Ctrl+Alt+D]).
    • Index selection.
    • Field visibility selection.
    • Persistant edit.
    • Confirm deletion.
    • Seperate window for each table opened.
    • CSV file export.
    • CSV file import.
    • Grid or field edit.
    • Range support.
    • Filter support.
    • Search.
    • Search and replace.
      Future plans/Wishlist:
    • Table restructure.
    • Recordcount in reports.
    • More reports and report options.
    • Rename and removal of databases.
    • 15. Dec. 1998 Back in the old days when I called it FFExp.exe and there was only one window.
    • 22. Jul. 1999 Delphi 4 and new look, completely restructured with seperate treeview for protocol, server, database and tables.
    • 22. Jul. 2001 Delphi 5, Latest version for FlashFiler 1 support.
    • 18 Apr. 2001 Delphi 5, FlashFiler 2 support.
    • 03.00.03.nn 18. Oct. 2001 Updated to FlashFiler v2.05.
    • 18. Oct. 2001 Latest release before Delphi 6.
    • 03.01.01.nn 25. May 2002
      • Tree popupmenu now attached to windows "local menu" shortcut (Shift+F10).
      • Tree rightclick does not select node anymore.
      • Glyps on tree nodes.
      • Seperate info forms for each treenode type.
      • Delphi 6 preparation.
    • 6. Jan. 2003
      • Right click in treeview selects node, it opened the wrong node before!.
      • Table removal is now called Destroy instead of Delete.
      • Database removal is now called Remove instead of Destroy.
      • Added this file, unfortunately history wasn't a must before :-E.
    • 7. Jan. 2003
      • Table content reports added.
      • Database and Table structure reports added.
      • Ps FR Export filters added FastReport.
      • FastReport Unit added with all possible components.
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