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In here you will find some of my programs that I have decided should be public accessible.
If you decide to use them you automatically sign that you and you only are responcible for whatever happends to the computer and/or it's data that theese programs access.
You also automatically sign that you agree not to copy any material for other purposes than using the program.

Available downloads:
Program nameVersion Short descriptionDownload
  • Agent Profile manager
  • An Fort? Agent newsreader enhancement/
  • Rebuild FF Index
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler table maintenance
  • Rebuild FF 2 Index
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table maintenance
  • FlashFiler table viewer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler table viewer/
  • FlashFiler 2 table viewer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table viewer/
  • WallPaper changer
  • A more sofisticated Wallpaper manager for
  • Convert Creator ID
  • Converts a given PalmPilot creator ID to text, decimal and
  • DOS vs. UNIX text file converter
  • Converts text files from DOS format to Unix format and vice
  • FlashFiler 2 table copier
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table
  • Folder and File information
  • Displays information stored in a 'Folder.ffi'
  • Picture mover
  • A helper for comparing images and what to do with
  • FlashFiler 2 Xplorer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 database
  • Trillian Pro Message aliases PlugIn
  • A Trillian Pro Plugin that maintains a list of
  • Contact sheets generator.
  • Image files contact sheet
  • Drop Image manager
  • Manage dropped imagesDropImage.exe

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    The size descriped in the download are zippped size (extracted size), the version numbers in the history tells what have been made to that version before deploying them, meaning if the current version is and a change have been made to, then that change only exists in any version higher than .
    All newer zip files will contain a history log called _PrjLog.txt that contains the same description as shown here.
    Folder and File information - Displays information stored in a 'Folder.ffi' file.

    Download    Size:413.972 (834.761) bytes    Version:    OS:WinNT, Win98, Win95, Win2000.    Requires:(none).   

    This program stores a seperate file in each folder that it has been executed in, enabling you to double click/Pressing enter on a Folder.ffi file and display the information within that file/folder.
    The program isn't a substitution for Windows Explorer's webcontent feature, but will most likely be better since you only see the information when you execute this program.
    The program shows it's true benefits when it's used on folders that multiple users access, it enables each user to add apropriate information about a given file, secondary it gives the user a hint about what on earth that file/folder is all about.
      Notes: Folder and File information
    • To use this program, you must associate *.ffi files with this program:
    •    Start and stop the program once.
    •    Double click or press enter on the Folder.ffi file that the program has created.
    •    Write 'File and Folder information' in the description field.
    •    Check the 'Allways use this program to open theese files' checkbox.
    •    Locate this program in the list or use the 'Browse' button.
    •    Press the 'Ok' button.
    • Ok fast on execution.
    • More efficient than Windows Explorer webcontent feature.
    • Seperate lists for files and folders.
    • Autosave/creation of the Folder.ffi file on termination and list change.
    • Only writes windows size to registry (HKey_Current_UserSoftwareTRA-TANRFile and Folder info*).
    • Edit works like other windows entry editor (Cut, Copy, Paste, Edit[F2], Select all[Enter] ...).
    • Refresh (F5).
    • Go to selected folder (Ctrl + Return).
    • Go one folder up (Ctrl + Backspace).
    • Folder selection dialog.
    • Current folder information dialog (text is also stored in Folder.ffi file).
    • Automatic removes file/folder descriptions that are no loger there.
    • Goes to selected folder if second instance is executed (start in C:, start another in D: wil change the first to D: and terminate the second).
    • Active foldername displayed.
    • Jumps to empty entires on folder change/execution/update.
    • File deletion when file list is focused (Ctrl + Delete).
    • Folder deletion when folder list is focused (Ctrl + Delete).
    • File execution (Ctrl + Return).
      Future plans/Wishlist:
    • Check for if the active Folder.ffi is read only.
    • Folder and/or file move (same drive only) with/without description in destination folder Folder.ffi file.
    • Explore selected folder.
    • Settings: Shortcuts setup.
    • Settings: Stop program on program execution or folder explore.
    • Settings: Default folder info text.
    • Settings: Whether or not to save Folder.ffi if it doesn't allready exist.
    • If above setting, then remove Folder.ffi if description for files, folders and the actve folder is empty.
    • Settings: Save windows size.
    • Registry settings removal.
    • Recursive removal of 'Folder.ffi' files.
    • Automatic refresh (detection of file addition/removal), but only if the list isn't in editmode.
    • Timer refresh, but only if the list isn't in editmode.
    • Settings: Toggle Automatic refresh.
    • Settings: Toggle Timer refresh.
    • Setting:'Folder.ffi' file name (none recursive).
    • Icon's in list of files (eyecandy and slow on execution).
    • Folder panel in left/right side of program (optional).
    • Settings: Option to add/remove file assotion for *.ffi files in registry.
    • Windows Explorer popupmenu item for starting this program.
    • Installation for this program and/or a settings page to set it up.
    • Database instead of seperate files (requires that multiple users access the shared folders with the same drivename and/or the sharename is public accessible), most likely this feature would be a sepereate program.
    • 16. Feb. 2002
      • "One folder back" implemented.
      • "Go to folder" implemented.
      • "About" implemented.
      • "Refresh" implemented.
      • ShortCuts loaded on program startup.
      • ShortCut for "One folder back".
      • ShortCut for "Go to folder".
      • ShortCut for "About".
      • ShortCut for "Refresh".
      • ShortCut for "Explore folder".
      • ShortCut for "Delete folder".
      • ShortCut for "Execute file".
      • ShortCut for "Delete file".
    • - 20. Jul. 2002
      • Added to Download.
      • Removed transparency.
    • 10. Jun. 2003
      • Splash screen added (can be disabled with \Software\TRA-TANR\File and Folder info\SplashEnabled set to 0).
      • Updated this file to the new format.
      • Switch between Folders and Files [Ctrl+Tab].
      • Delete folder implemented.
      • Default Short for one folder up changed to [Ctrl+BackSpc] (was [Alt+BackSpc]).
      • Delete file implemented.
      • Execute file implemented.
      • Updated include/uses files.
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