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In here you will find some of my programs that I have decided should be public accessible.
If you decide to use them you automatically sign that you and you only are responcible for whatever happends to the computer and/or it's data that theese programs access.
You also automatically sign that you agree not to copy any material for other purposes than using the program.

Available downloads:
Program nameVersion Short descriptionDownload
  • Agent Profile manager
  • An Fort? Agent newsreader enhancement/
  • Rebuild FF Index
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler table maintenance
  • Rebuild FF 2 Index
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table maintenance
  • FlashFiler table viewer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler table viewer/
  • FlashFiler 2 table viewer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table viewer/
  • WallPaper changer
  • A more sofisticated Wallpaper manager for
  • Convert Creator ID
  • Converts a given PalmPilot creator ID to text, decimal and
  • DOS vs. UNIX text file converter
  • Converts text files from DOS format to Unix format and vice
  • FlashFiler 2 table copier
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 table
  • Folder and File information
  • Displays information stored in a 'Folder.ffi'
  • Picture mover
  • A helper for comparing images and what to do with
  • FlashFiler 2 Xplorer
  • A TurboPower FlashFiler 2 database
  • Trillian Pro Message aliases PlugIn
  • A Trillian Pro Plugin that maintains a list of
  • Contact sheets generator.
  • Image files contact sheet
  • Drop Image manager
  • Manage dropped imagesDropImage.exe

    History for this page - A list of changes that have occured on this page.

    The size descriped in the download are zippped size (extracted size), the version numbers in the history tells what have been made to that version before deploying them, meaning if the current version is and a change have been made to, then that change only exists in any version higher than .
    All newer zip files will contain a history log called _PrjLog.txt that contains the same description as shown here.
    Picture mover - A helper for comparing images and what to do with them.

    Download    Size:495.649 (926.657) bytes    Version:    OS:WinNT, Win98, Win95, Win2000.    Requires:(none).   

    The program displays a list of source/new image names, whenever a image is selected, it is displayed and it's counterpart if it exsists is also displayed and a image size compariosion is also displayed.
    When an image is selected you can delete, overwrite, save as ..., etc. .
    It has a built in feature to automatic search for nonexisting images and move them, it can also move selected images with new names, the names will have an eight ciffered number increasing from exisiting images including the first nondigit name of the original file.
    The target folder can be split up in letters e.g. if you apply a seperate folder for the letter A then all images with the letter A is treted with that folder only.
      Features: Picture mover
    • Setup for source folder.
    • Setup for target folder pr. letter.
    • Default target folder setup.
    • Ini file can be loaded from working folder or as parameter.
    • New vs old image information in grid.
    • Largest image information highlighted (new vs. old).
    • Automatic move all nonexisting images to target folders.
    • Automatic move as ... all selected images to target folders.
    • Overwrite existing.
    • Delete new and old images.
    • Predifined shortcuts for allmost all actions.
    • Preview of both new and old images.
    • Full preview of both new and old images.
    • Autosize, center, stretch, proportional and transparent toggle for both new and old images.
    • Right click anywhere to show menu of commands.
    • Menu options stored in ini file.
    • Setup for all Menu shortcuts.
      Future plans/Wishlist:
    • If possible, Color count compare.
    • If possible, More image information to display and compare with.
    • Allways save as JPG or BMP or ... instead of as is.
    • Follow up, compression etc. setup (not overriding if image allready is in selected format).
    • 02.00.00.nn - 02. Feb. 2002 - Converted to Delphi 6.
    • 02.00.00.nn - 08. Sep. 2002
      • Added project log (history).
      • Toggle Hide/Show of "NewImage".
    • - 08. Sep. 2002 - Added to Download.
    • - 03. Nov. 2002
      • About box added.
      • Windows positons centered on owner or screen.
      • Filepath to ini file can specified as parameter (overrules working folder).
      • Ini file loaded from working folder ("Start in" on shortcut).
      • Splitters prevented from hiding objects.
      • Image difference now highlighted in grid with differnce on all informations.
      • Image size and width replaced with grid containing image with, height, bytes, date and time.
      • Converted this file to new format.
    • - 25. Jan. 2003
      • Error message when loaded and Ok on setup suppressed (happends when folder doesn't exist).
      • Shortcut setup added.
      • Saving menu selections in ini file on exit.
    • - 28. Jan. 2003
      • Added new default ShortCut values to Setup, show- new and existing -image menu items.
      • Forgot to add shortcut setup for setup menu item.
      • Older Windows requires popup menu's placed on controls (newer Windows can have it as global on the form).
      • Preview menu selection saved to ini file.
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