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In here you will find some of my Delphi samples that I have decided should be public accessible.
If you decide to use them you automatically sign that you and you only are responcible for whatever happends to the computer and/or it's data that theese samples access.

Available downloads:
Program name Version  Short description Download
  • FlashFiler conduit DLL
  • 2002-05-01  Synchronize FlashFiler and PalmPilot.
  • kbmMW TCP/IP sample
  • 2003-02-10  Demonstrates the use of kbmMW and a TCP/IP connection
  • Extended form
  • 2002-04-29  Extends the TForm's background with gradient and/or Image

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    FlashFiler conduit DLL - Synchronize FlashFiler and PalmPilot.

    Download    Size:7.561 (19.212) bytes    Version:2002-05-01    OS:WinNT, Win98, Win95, Win2000.    Requires:6 upd 2.   

    Sample conduit DLL for synchronizing between a PalmPilot table and a TurboPower FlashFiler2 Table through HotSync, the DLL can register itself using regsrv32.exe, which makes it easy to add to an installation program.
      Requirements/Dependencies: FlashFiler conduit DLL
    • Turbopower's FlashFiler 2 - TurboPower
    • Paul Gilbert's "Delphi Conduit Library for Palm Pilots" -
    • Delphi 6 update 2
    • Misc DLL's, be sure to read the documentation delivered by Paul Gilbert's
    • HotSync v3.2 or higher
    • Palm OS 3.2 or higher
      Future plans/Wishlist:
    • Add a sample PalmPilot program and some data files.
    • Updates when the Conduit package updates.
    • 20. Jul. 2002 - Added to Download.
    • 04. Jul. 2003 - Updated link to Paul Gilbert's components.
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