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In here you will find some of my Delphi samples that I have decided should be public accessible.
If you decide to use them you automatically sign that you and you only are responcible for whatever happends to the computer and/or it's data that theese samples access.

Available downloads:
Program name Version  Short description Download
  • FlashFiler conduit DLL
  • 2002-05-01  Synchronize FlashFiler and PalmPilot.
  • kbmMW TCP/IP sample
  • 2003-02-10  Demonstrates the use of kbmMW and a TCP/IP connection
  • Extended form
  • 2002-04-29  Extends the TForm's background with gradient and/or Image

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    Extended form - Extends the TForm's background with gradient and/or Image

    Download    Size:590.931 (1.544.780) bytes    Version:2002-04-29    OS:All win. but 3.11    Requires:Delphi   

    This is a TForm descendant that adds gradient and/or image as background.
    The Image can be tiled, stretched and centered, you can set start position from where the image will be drawn when tiled or centered.
    The gradient have 16 different gradient directions, 2 colors and step selection.
    Both runtime and designtime dialogs for editing the extended properties. This Sample can be used as a repository/inherited and it will show up in the New|Other menu in Delphi.
      Notes: Extended form
    • The zip file contains both exe and image for demo.
    • Delphi 6+, might work under D4 and D5
    • Background gradient properties
      • BGGradCount - How many parts the gardient is splittet into between the two colors.
      • BGGradDir - Gradient direction (16 different directions)
      • BGGradFrom - Start gradient color
      • BGGradEnabled - Enable/disable gradient
      • BGGradTo - End gradient color
    • Background image properties.
      • BGColorPt - Predefined set to tell where to fetch a color to be used as background color (10 values).
      • BGColorPos - X,Y coord. to fetch background color from if BGColorPt is bgspNone.
      • BGImgEnabled - Enable/disable background image.
      • BGImage - Image to use as background (jpg. bmp .....)
      • BGStartPt - Predefined set to tell where to position the image (10 values) if tiled or centered.
      • BGStartPos - X,Y coord. for positioning image if BGStartPt is bgspNone.
      • BGStyle - Tile, Stretch or center image.
    • Public methods
      • BGColorSelect - Show colorselection dialog and set the Form.Color to selected value.
      • BGGradFromSelect - Show colorselection dialog and set the gradient start color to the seleceted value.
      • BGGradToSelect - Show colorselection dialog and set the gradient end color to the seleceted value.
      • BGImageSelect - Show pictureselection dialog and set the background image to elected value.
      • BGExtendedEdit - Brings up dialog with all extended properties.
      • BGGradientEdit - Brings up dialog with gradient properties.
      • BGImageEdit - Brings up dialog with image properties.
      Future plans/Wishlist:
    • More accurate calculation for when to update and/or inherit paint procedure.
      Known bugs:
    • The background flicker too mutch, solution is to draw on bitmap and the copy that to canvas. Secondary help would be to only redraw the bitmap and canvas when a client size change occur.
    • 28. Apr. 2003
      • Released and added to download.
    • 29. Apr. 2003
      • Added editor dialogs for both runtime and designtime
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